Ahithophel is a DVD about King David's chief councelor,
who turned against the king, and took sides with his son
Absalom in order to overthrow the throne of King David.
It is filled with some unexpected turns. You never seem
to know what is coming next. The ending is one of those
special kind of Hitchcock endings, that you are not
quite ready for. I think that you will enjoy the way this
story unfolds. It is a must for any Bible student to add
to their collection.

$17.95 plus S&H




Expressions of Praise is a DVD message taken from
the book of Judges. If you are in a valley, and going
through some tough times, and you need to be
encouraged to fight the good fight of faith. I think that
this message will lift you up. In Rom 13:15 we are told
to offer up a sacrifice of praise to God. This is the way
to win battles. I think that this message will explain
this to you. It shows how praise is the key to your victory.

$17.95 plus S&H




The many names of God is a DVD message about how
God relates to man through His name. Whenever God is
making something from nothing, His name is Elohim. It
is found in the book of Gen 1:1. When ever God is
Coveting with that which He has created His name is
Jehovah. For example, Jehovah Shalom which means
God of my peace. There are many such names found
throughout the Bible that the meaning of the name
shows a characteristic of God related in His name. I
thinkyou will find this an interesting study.

$17.95 plus S&H



ALL THREE DVD's ONLY $35 plus S&H!

Separately $17.95 each - A $53.85 value


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