The Hank Snow Story

It took my father 5 years to write this book. It was one of the last major things he did before he died. I learned many things that I did not know about my dad in his book. I especially liked the chapter of his business dealings with Col Tom Parker. Parker was my dads manager before Elvis. The fifties were in my dads hay day. Col Parker and my dad went into business together and formed a company called Jamboree Attractions. It booked out package shows. I was part of it as well as many other Entertainers. Elvis became part of this company. It was my father who first introduced Elvis on the Grand Ole Opry, as well as talking Steve Scholes into putting him on RCA Records. I was already on RCA at the time. This chapter tells of how slick Parker was at cheating dad out of 50% of Elvis. I think that you will find this book fascinating. It is not a religious, but rather a secular book that is a Bio of my dads life.





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